Sunday, October 28, 2007

HQ 1st Cavalry Division

Ft. Hood, TX - Headquarters.

Welcome Home

Balloons were everywhere for the homecoming!


The horse unit of the 1st Cavalry Division is ready to welcome home their brothers and sisters in arms.

Blowing in the Wind

Old Glory blowing in the wind at Ft. Hood, TX. 1st Cavalry is returning from their 15-month tour in Iraq.

My son!

Finally, he is back! The first picture since 15 months in Iraq!

At Ease!

Only a few more minutes and they are released to their families!

1st Cavalry, 15th Sustainment Brigade

I hope I got the unit right! Homecoming day! They are finally back!

The Reason for my Trip to Texas

My son is finally back from Iraq. He serves with the 1st Cavalry at Ft. Hood, TX. This is his unit coming home! It was a looooooong 15 months!

At the Marina

I found this secluded marina with these sail boats on one of the back roads in Mississippi.

A Cat on the Beach

Sceeba, my cat, took the trip to Texas with me! She was not too enthused about all that water, sunshine and birds. But she was a good sport and found a high spot on the pier to keep her paws dry.


These birds are sitting on a pier destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Waiting for a Meal

The highway is littered with corpses. But someone is taking care of the mess! You gotta love these birds!

A Tree full of Nature's Little Undertakers

These birds are so smart! And quite beautiful also.

Hurricane Camille did this!

This old tub has been stranded since Hurricane Camille visited Mississippi!

Gulf Coast Mississippi

The Mississippi Gulf coast is such a great place to visit! There is still a lot of destruction visible from hurricane Katrina.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Little Red Barn

Panola State Park in Stockbridge GA. This barn was sitting adjacent to the blackberry field.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Seagulls at the beach!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nature's little Undertakers

A raccoon became road kill just 20 yards from the horses when trying to cross the street. 5 vulchers were sitting on fence posts waiting for the right moment to take care of the mess! Nature is such a wonderfully intertwined process!

Portrait of a Horse

Hurry up and take that picture! I am so cute!

Another friendly Face

This poor thing was very careful not to get too close to the electric fence. But she was still curious about the camera.

Country Church

This abandoned house of God is just sitting there slowly leaning toward decay!

It's so Peaceful in the Country

These guys were not impressed by my camera gear!


These guys were definitely checking out my camera! I guess they thought I have a pretty good setup - Olympus E-500.

In the Country

An obviously abandoned old barn in the middle of GA near Rutledge.

Greek Church in Atlanta, GA

The Lord our Savior! A beautiful mosaic in the cupola of the church.
These photos were taken during the Greek Festival on Clairemont Rd. The church choir enlightened our souls with an exquisite recital of some liturgies in Greek. It was grand and truly uplifting!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Greek Church in Atlanta, GA

Another mosaic from the Greek Church in Atlanta, GA.

Greek Church in Atlanta, GA

This is a beautiful mosaic in the Greek Church in Atlanta, GA.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Elephant Ear

This is the plant, not the animal's ear!